Monday, September 27, 2004

down on the farm

Crap. I just erased the whole post that I had. What it detailed was that I biked down to work on my huge pedal bike for my first day at Agri-Foods, an experimental farm. Sipho and I got to do some lab work and got a tour of where the pigs and cows are slaughtered (eww) but thankfully they weren't doing any of that today.
Some of the girls are meeting tonight at the coffee shop in town, Kavaccino's (it's so quaint!) and discussing what we have to do for our "debriefing committee". And by that time I hope to be a redhead, but don't worry - it's a wash out dye, so I will be blonde again in time so everyone can resume picking on me ;)


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey joy! i just discovered this, i read it in some email, i forget. it sounds like so much fun and adventure, im so jealous! hope you're having a good time, love ya lots.... jill


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