Thursday, October 07, 2004

time after time

We are done of the part of our work placement dealing with lab work and I missed my last day because I was sick, but I am feeling much better now. Sipho and I, along with our counterparts, were invited to go to Edmonton with our "boss" from the lab, as well we were invited to go to Red Deer with another family. We are not sure we will be allowed to go with either of them since they are not our host family, but we are hopful :)

One of our participants is leaving the program. She is from South Africa and has had a hard time adjusting here and is homesick. She will be leaving fairly soon and we will have no replacement for her because of the cost to bring someone else over. It is too bad to be losing someone. Her counterpart, Genevieve, is moving in with two other girls and they live closer to me and Deidre, so that should be nice.

So I hope to be in Edmonton this weekend, but if not then it is off to Uglies Pub - this time I will remember to bring my ID!


At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joy. Hope you get to go to Edmonton, that would be fun. Too bad to hear about the girl who is leaving, but if she's not happy... Anyway, sounds like your having fun! Talk to you soon!

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Adam Woikin said...

Hey there you, that stinks that you have to loose a gal, but the main thing is that you are enjoying yourself, sounds likea blast!! dont get lost in the west edmonton mall missy, we need you back sometime!

have a good one, meowt!


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