Wednesday, October 13, 2004

behind blue eyes

Today I crossed my very first picket line. It was not really a big deal, we still got in and got to work and everyone was really nice about it. Today we cleaned beans and separated them too. It was very tedious work and we did it all day. I knew before I came that I didn't want to work on a farm, this just reaffirms that notion.
Yesterday here was more interesting, we got a tour of the crops building and weighed and measured dirt... I mean soil. And then we got to experience entomology first hand by pinning beetles. I was laughing as he explained how to do it. I normally never touch any bugs and avoid them at all cost, those who know me know I hate insects of any kind, eww. But it was worth the experience. I hope we don't have to do it again :P
It is supposed to snow sometime later on this week, though at the moment I hear (can't see, no windows, I am still at work!) it is nice out. I had a good weekend, and I hope that everyone at home had a great Thanksgiving as well :)


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