Tuesday, November 09, 2004

losing grip

My EAD (Educational Activity Day) is this Friday. We are planning to go on a tour of the research station that I work at, and then to a Agricultural Fair in Red Deer. It should be interesting if all goes according to plan.

I was in Banff on Saturday. It was nice, I had been there before and I took a picture at the same spot I was at 5 years ago. Its amazing how long ago that was and how things have changed since then. We got to hear Pastor Adams give a sermon when we were in Canmore. Boy was that strange. He believes in biblical men who were a thousand times stronger than humans today who may have built ancient temples in Peru, and yet thinks UFO's are a ridiculous concept. Also, he told us that the Rockies were formed during Noah's flood. Yeah. And we are going to see the Tyrell museum Sunday, which is all about dinosaurs and evolution. I can't wait to hear what he has to say then.

Can you tell I am counting down the time until we go to South Africa? It is only 4 weeks away. It is kind of sad, but I won't really miss the Adams'. They are nice and all, but they are not like the family I had hoped for. I did learn something from this experience though: you don't always have to be paranoid and lock the door because the oddballs may be the ones with the keys! I am so mean I know, but let me tell you Deidre agrees with me. lol.


At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi joy whats up u having fun hope so anyways , well anyways i am having fun sometimes anyways ,well just wanted to say HI so HI joy bye joy topher


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