Wednesday, November 17, 2004

...all i gotta do is live and die, but i'm in a hurry and don't know why...

I got off of work early today, it was nice for a change. Some people are so enthusiastic about finding something for us to do that they forget that this whole program takes a lot of energy and it might be nice for a break once in a while. I am in the library now, my home away from home it seems. I stopped for a hotdog for lunch before I came in here, it was for a fundraiser and I know what that is like now, but I was also pretty hungry.

We leave for SA soon. In a few weeks I will be heading out from Edmonton airport on my way to Montreal, then to Paris for a 15 hour stay in the airport! A 10 hour ride later we will be in Johannesburg to make our way to Capetown! It's a lot to write about, just imagine how tiring that will be. As long as I get there alive I think I will do well, hehe.

We will stay in Capetown for a few days at an old school that is now a hostel. That will likely be an amazing time - well beyond words really. And then comes the kicker. Our agenda then is to go to Bredasdorp, meet the host families there, but then we have to go to this camp for two weeks to spend Christmas and New Years. I doubt that. I have a feeling that a lot of girls may take that opportunity to use up one of three warnings that we have in order to get out and have fun in SA. I might be one of them. Two weeks is a little long to be at camp staring at plants and eachother the whole time. I will make the most of it whatever happens.


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well ya you should prob cut out the cryin in public and stuff might get yourself a nice white jacket with lots of straps. Just piucking on ya. It is good to hear you are having fun and enjoyin yourself. You are one crazy girl just to take off like that this cat would not be doing it. Things are pretty slack on the Island here. lil bit of snow but most of it is gone for now. I am sure it will be back and it will soon be sleddin season. Get your mind out of the gutter it is always that kind of sleddin season. But not much new here so i will be off to try and find something to do tonight pretty bored sittin at home. So i hope ya are happy cause you told me to give ya something to write and i gave ya a lil something. All the best chick.
Love Goob

At 5:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh joy just talkin to noella she wants to know if u be looking for a roomate in the spring when u come back,she moved away from ben for good just living with friends now and wanted to know if u wanted to live with her when u come back,i think thats pretty cool he.s gone ,and she liked the roses i sent last week too ,just wanted to tellu that so i better go im pretty drunk as usual but hey what else ids new ,oh guess what i right my ged test on mon and tues of next week ,i'll let u know later how it goes bye bud

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Adam Woikin said...

Haylo misener, what is up?? Notta here missy same old, you knwo how the isle is, nothing ever happens here. My blog was all crazy but i think i will start another up soon. I thought you would be all out of warnings by now!! Ha!
It souns like your hosts right now are a bit strick and what not, hope the next one are good for ya. Your schedule in the near future sounds like great fun, it is like your on the amazing race or sosmething.
Joy your next stop will be montreal where you'll have to find a orange flag, and in a box lies your next clue. Our contestants will then make their way to paris, where they willbe faced with a road block......
totally sounds like your adventure. Anywho i wanted to checkin, and say hello, and let ya know i am thinking bout ya, i wish you all the best and keep your head up over the holidays, i know it will be tough, but this is an awesome experience you dont get this type of opp every day!
I will be psayin for ya, stay safe aight!
10-4 meowt........ woikin....... moi!


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