Wednesday, March 23, 2005

there's your trouble

I have been home such a short time and it seems like I have done so much - shopping that is. I feel like I need these things, but I know that in what I bought there is very little that is truly essential.
I am already feeling the pressure to decide right now what my future will be. A lot of it is questions about what comes once I am done of work. I don't know, honestly no clue. There are ideas as to what I should be doing....
I also got all my braids taken out. Yay! It is such a light, lovely feeling, like a burden being lifted. It helps that I also got a haircut - my first professional one in at least six months. I got to talk to most of the other Canadian girls from CWY and it sounds as they are doing well and are enjoying the freedom of "real life" ;) Me too.


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