Monday, November 29, 2004

baby it ain't over 'til its over

Okay, so it is almost over. Free internet, the cold weather, and the Canadian phase of this program. I still can't believe that I am leaving this beautiful country in a week. It is almost too bad, because I had a really nice time this weekend. We finally got to get out and meet the neighbors on Saturday by attending a block party which involved going to 4 different houses. Everyone was so nice, the houses were amazing and huge, and the food was delicious. Then last night was likely my last game of peggity at Lara and Fredre's. That is until sometime down the road when I get to make my own. So much fun, almost as much as Mafia, but we will deal with that when I get home, hehe. But I am really looking forward to Africa, lonliness and excitement and all of it. It's the reason I joined this program, to challenge myself, to become who I want to be and to live in the present at all times. Here and now. And right now is dinner.


At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joy,
Your time in Canada is almost over, that is so crazy. It seems like only yesterday we were at the airport crying. lol. I'm glad your enjoying yourslef, and I am sure Africa will be amazing. I bet you won't even have the time to be lonely when you get there. There will be too much to see and do, so many new experiences. I wish you the best of luck on this wonderful adventure. Missing you lots. Take care and have fun.
P.S. You better get your three warnings down in Africa or I will personally kick your butt. lol
Love you


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