Wednesday, April 06, 2005

she will be loved

I don't mind spending every day... doing this. I was up a little late - yes I am back into my old bad habit, but I got up knowing I had the day to myself and I was gonna enjoy it. Not that I did anything oh so exciting, I was at the bank, went to fill out my EI, I might as well get something while waiting to go back to work, dropped off a cheque for my dad and then got groceries.

You may ask what was so great... but then as I came home I remembered that they are trying to make De Roma a tourist attraction. And since my car was just inspected and legal I thought I would take a detour. It is a lovely day out and I knew I would be going on dirt road, but I didn't care... until I was almost stuck up to my bumper in mud. I am a good driver though and luckily was able to save myself a lot of walking (not to mention embarrassment) by skillfully backing up and whipping a shitty as my sister likes to call it , in lay mans terms - a donut, hehe. It can only get better right? Well, of course I got a lot of mud on my car and on arriving home I went to see if I could hose the car down a little. Well, the hose isn't hooked up yet and so I will be heading into town later with a pretty dirty car. Ah, the messes I get myself into....


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HeHe Pulling a shitty now thats funny never heard that one before,Maybe if your lucky it will rain tonight and wash the mud off haha .Topher

At 11:02 PM, Blogger Joy said...

And to make it worse, dad had spent hours waxing the car to make it pretty for me, and I go and mess up his work... Thank you dad :)


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