Thursday, June 30, 2005

fix you

I owe Julie a lot. She is a wonderful sister who is always encouraging me. Actually they are all that wonderful. But she is the one who gave me the new Coldplay cd that is so divine, beautiful.
'Fix you' is what I have always seem to be doing, with me, others and the world around me. I sort of see it as my responsibility to do that and it is a lot of weight to carry. I am just now seeing that I am the only one that I can do good for and it is in this that I can inspire others to do the same for themselves. I don't really want to fix anyone anyway because in their own way they are great (I don't believe in perfect).

So I may have missed out on a fun evening at our chef's place with amazing food (flambe rasberry shortcake, ahem) but I had a nice time all the same. Then last night was another girl's night, wow, we can be pretty bad for encouraging bad behavior though I did take the flag on my own accord. Then again they always save us too, in more ways then I can count.


At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody is perfect so true ,it would be such a strange world wit perfect people everyone is strange and unique in there own way and thats what makes them so much fun ,kinda like me im the strangest person i know but i love it ,it keeps people continually guessing , Topher


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