Tuesday, June 28, 2005

hurt so good

OMG! I just came from my very first professional massage. It was absolutely amazing and I still feel like I am in some other world. K, enough praise. I am currently at the library having just dropped off my late book and it cost me all of 15 cents for one day. It is amazing to hear one of the ladies tell me that certain people were in paying their $25 late fee! That is a lot of frickin' days. Are they just slow readers or don't they remember that they are just "borrowing" the book? Another social blunder - I answered my cell phone here. It was on vibrate but I couldn't miss the call because this was already a call back and they would think I was really rude or something. I don't want that.
Tonight is supposed to be a BBQ (what they call a Braai in S.A.) at our chef's place for his own birthday. He is so funny and fun, so it should be a great time. Not to mention he is the most amazing cook around so it is gonna be gooood. Other than that I am heading out again to enjoy the sun that has finally come around for the summer. Tomorrow - the beach!


At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm a professional massage that does sound pretty amazying should try it some time haha Topher


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