Tuesday, July 12, 2005

down with O.P.P.

I met a cool couple last night. He came in and automatically started asking me questions about how the lobsters are caught and how we cook them (he was concerned about them being boiled alive!) and he was so sweet and funny. Then I found out he is an Ontario police officer and it was so interesting to hear him talk about his job, which he "loved more than anything" and has done for more than 30 years.
I love gaining knowledge about things I would normally know nothing about from people who do it every day. And he even offered for me to call him some time so I could go on a ride-along and really see for myself what it is like. I know, you are all like "would she do that?" but I have thought of that career before and it's not off my list yet, especially since last night. For now, I get to serve people food instead of tickets.


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