Thursday, October 06, 2005

moon shadow

I always at least try to look for the positive in life, this song is just sweet and optimistic. Not exactly how I am feeling right now, but David Weale always gives the best quotes: "Feelings are always real but never true." Interpret that as you like. Maybe even let me know me what you think.

I was in my religious history class tonight, which is where I got this quote. I love it. I think it is the first university class I have taken that I truly look forward to. And it is funny how in class he speaks about religion and Jesus (I told Prof. Weale a story and he laughed! It was a good thing as I was trying to be funny, yet unoriginal) and it reminds me of church, but its the kind of church that I would actually like to attend. I was raised Catholic but I have since become disillusioned by it all, organised religion specifically. I don't want to get into a whole argument about religion here, so I will just say that I believe in spirituality. And the point of this all is... spirituality is what Prof. Weale is truly teaching and he is good at it.


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At 12:16 PM, Blogger Topher said...

"Feelings are always real but never true." I think feelings are real ,I don't think that there never true maybe sometimes they might not be depends on the person i suppose and how u want to hear them too i guess .But i personally think Feelings are very real although life might be so much easier sometimes without them.


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