Friday, October 07, 2005

people are strange

I had a table tonight that was strange, a bit fun but moreso strange. It was twenty men from Montreal who are here to play in a soccer tournament. They were an interesting bunch. They were just there to have fun but did say and do some absrurd things. It would probably seem nasty here, but honestly there are people who have creeped me out far more than these men. They did end up apologizing to me for their behavior. But at the end of the night they each kissed me on the cheek goodbye - strange but sweet. It is their custom after all. Maybe I should have been more offended by it all, but I had been having one of those days when you feel like dirt under someone's shoe, so I was relieved for a little distraction.


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Topher said...

feel like dirt under someone's shoe,Umm I can't say i have ever had that feeling i dont think id want to either ,although it might be like crawling under a big rock and hiding had that feeling few times hehe .Hope your feeling better today and back to your JOYful self


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