Sunday, March 05, 2006

live like you were dying

That is about the millionth time I have left my student ID in the copy machine. I am lucky there are usually people around me who have their head on straight and get it back to me.

On to more important things.

I was priviliged today to celebrate my step-grandfather's birthday. Mom told me that the first time she met George was when he brought Granny to the hospital after I was born. That is just about 25 years ago, and yet everyone in my family knows him as George, not Grampy or such. However, this is just an exception in name. I love him dearly and is the only grandfather I've known on that side. What makes this day interesting is not just the fact that George is 90 years old, but that he is so young at heart at his age. He talks about the war and his experiences, like almost being run over by a tank, and it is absolutely astounding that he is still here. But he is, and he is as vibrant as ever.

Since my great-grandmother lived to be 100, I once believed that I too would live to that age. Now, I just hope to live life well no matter what age I am. My inspiration is George. Okay... and Tim McGraw. I love that song and I am moved each time I hear it to try my damndest to really live every moment. That way I don't need to live to 100, a full life isn't lived in numbers.


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Tim Gormley said...

Hey there! :)

I recently raised the bar higher for how long I wanted to live. I was taking a walk one night back in the summer, and I just had to stop and look around. I was completely blown away by how beautiful everything was. There was a warm breeze, the moon was full and there were shadows moving on the grass from the trees. I was standing in the middle of Rochford square at the time. Up until that moment, I had been content with hitting the 100 year old mark, but right then and there, I realized...that was only 70 more summers away. When you break it down like that...and consider that you have already used 30 of them I have, it really isn't that many. :) I decided at that moment, that it just wasn't enough time. I want to be in great shape when I'm older, I want to be ninety and walking through that part...seeing the shadows and the full moon. I decided that I would aim for 120, instead of 100. Kind of a lofty goal, but I'm up for it. Heh.

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know some one named George too My teddy bear Curious George He's awesowe he's quiet ,dont steal the sheets or my beer he's good ,Live past a hundred ohhhhhh i don't know somedays i dont wanna live pass 2day or yesterday or 2morrow ,But george is good he's funny ,Topher

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Woikin said...

I guess to add to what you are saying is that you dont really know when you will go and that is scary. So live everyday as your last cause life can really fly by. When you upset about something, or someone, imagine what is they or you died that evening, would you want to leave things that way.

I never got to say good bye to my sister when she passed and i regret everything negative that i may have put her through, and i carry that with me all the time yet i take people for granted all the time, being mean or arguing over stupid things. Wierd eh, but I try to remember that life is short and we can go anytime, so i guess what i am tryingto say through all my babbles is to treat people good and dont get caught up on stupid bullshit, dont take people for granted.


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Ihsan said...

Live like you were dying tomorrow, but make sure you leave good memories and deeds behind that will make you live for ever, in the hearts of the others!

Happt belated Birthday.... you have officialy lived one quarter of your life. More things to come, the older the better and the wiser, I think!



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